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Excalibur Laundromat. 211 2nd Avenue (Highway 35) South. Onalaska, WI. Ph. 608-781-1630.
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Sorting clothes can help avoid most laundry problems
     Sort clothes by:
  • Color:
  • Whites and pastels together
  • Dark colors together
  • Multi-colored clothes with lots of white and dark colors are best washed seperately the 1st time
  • If the dye does not bleed/run it can be washed with whites next time
  • Fabric type:
  • Seperate delicate or lightweight fabrics from heavy ones
  • Seperate lint producers (such as towels) from lint attractants (such as corduroy) 
Washing tips:
  • When one or more of the following factors is out of balance - dull or dingy clothes is often the result
  • Use the warmest water recommended for fabric; don't use hotter than recommended
  • Hot water cleans better versus cold; cold is fine for rinsing
  • Don't scrimp on detergent or laundry additives; measure - don't guess; heavily soiled clothes may need more
  • AVOID OVERLOADING the machine
  • Set water level high to allow clothes enough room to circulate and rinse properly​
Drying tips:
  • Clothes take longer to dry and wrinkle more if the dryer is overloaded 
  • Don't overdry clothes; overdrying can increase wrinkles and shrinkage
  • Remove stretch items from the dryer when just barely dry
  • Remove clothes as soon as they are dry
  • Hang or fold clothes right away to prevent wrinkles and time consuming ironing
  • Bleach
  • Choosing the right bleach is easy; household liquid bleach is identified by the words "sodium hypochlorite"
  • Disinfects, removes stain, and whitens
  • Don't use on colors
  • Color safe bleach
  • Safe to use on colored clothing that is washable
  • Removes stain and helps keep colors bright
  • Fabric Softeners
  • Helps reduce static cling, minimizes wrinkling and soften clothes
  • Rinse added softeners are added to the final rinse cycle
  • Dryer sheets are convenient to use with one sheet added to the dryer with clothes
  • For  ink stains - apply rubbing alcohol, rub detergent on clothes, and then wash with bleach* and detergent; repeat if necessary
  • For coffee, tea, wine, and soft drinks pretreat with bleach* and wash with detergent right away 
  • For grease, butter, margerine, oil, mayonnaise, ice cream, chocolate, or cosmetics rub stain remover into stain and wash with detergent & bleach*
  • For gravy, mustard, ketchup, and other tomato-based products presoak in powdered bleach* detergent in warm or hot water and then wash with detergent and bleach*; if oily stain remains use stain remover and wash again
  • For yellowing  dinginess  wash clothes with detergent and bleach*
* To prevent discoloration use color safe bleach on colored clothing